Novel Transformations started with the inspiration to create a better quality of life for people. No two people are ever the same so why treat them the same? Although advice may help someone short term, nothing feels better than understanding what drives you to make your own decisions. When attention is brought to how an individual communicates and processes information, a coach’s job is to encourage the client to use their own system in order to achieve their goals, aspirations, and successes. After that, it’s just a matter of transforming the path as it comes with a little bit of guidance from a coach.

Trojan Entrepreneur Romita Patel
Company Name
Novel Transformations
Industry Professional Coaching
General Business Phone (510) 825-5930
Company Web Site
Status Active, Founded in 2011
Why they Started I started Novel Transformations in order to create a new platform for people to stand on in order to become healthy, well, and successful. It fits my passion of fighting for someone else’s aspirations by telling them THEY CAN!
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Twitter @NovelTransform
School/Graduation Year
Doctorate in Physical Therapy/2011