Standing Fit is a product that provides users the ability to stand-up while they work at their computer desks. No one should spend hundreds of dollars on a conventional standing computer desk; Standing Fit offers a stylish & cost-effective alternative for users to realize the health & fitness benefits standing as opposed to sitting while working on their computer at home or at the workplace. Choose to Stand choose to Sit.  Â

The idea for this product was arrived when I realized just how much I sit throughout the day, between my computer work at home, a two hour daily commute & my workday; the better part of the day was spent sitting down. There is no way that could possibly be good for my health or fitness. I was curious about stand-up desks but was disappointed to see how much they cost, how unattractive they were & how they did not offer an option to sit when I really needed to. Thus the idea of Standing Fit came to light.

Trojan Entrepreneur Tiffiny Taylor
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Standing Fit
Industry Health & Fitness / Office Products
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Why they Started My entrepreneurial spirit has always been latent within me, it has manifested itself many times throughout the years & has now found its home in this venture.
I’ve known about standing desks for years but never really considered using them until I found myself with an aching back after sitting at my computer most of the day. I tried standing at my desk but it wasn’t efficient as I had to reach for the keyboard & track-pad at that lower desk. I grabbed a stack of books to use under my keyboard and the epiphany hit me.Between sitting at the computer at work, home, and a two hour daily commute, the better part of my day was spent sitting down. As I approached my 40’s I began thinking “this can’t be good for my overall health and fitness?”. So, I began some research. To my amazement, the cost of stand-up desks is extremely high, their unattractive and they often lock you into standing without the option to sit when you desire.
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