New gourmet food truck delivering authentic, family recipe Mediterranean food with a hint of fusion with other cuisines. Items from Kebob Tacos & Burritos to a Pita Pizza, Mediterranean Burger, and our most unique item, the Mother’s Love Quesadilla featuring home-made cheese taught to us by our grandmother. All flavors also include a very special Red Pepper Spice Blend taught to us by our grandfather.

Trojan Entrepreneur Harout Nazerian
Company Name
The TK Truck, Inc.
Industry Restaurant, Gourmet Food Trucks, Catering
General Business Phone 818-396-6TK1 (6851)
Company Web Site
Status Currently Open for Business
Single Best Accomplishment to Date Obtaining a spot in the Los Angeles Wine Fest this coming June 11 and 12, 2011 (our biggest public event). 

Several fundraisers and healthy lunch delivery to local Armenian Schools and Glendale Community College.

Social Links

Twitter @TKTruck
School/Graduation Year
Viterbi School of Engineering/2010 and 2011
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